ModernWorks, Madeleine Shapiro, Director

The Nature Project

Golden Ball Cactus

The Music:

Walter Branchi
Shapes of the Wind*
Matthew Burtner
Fragments From Cold*
Guillermo Galindo
Orlando Jacinto Garcia
despues de los humanos*
(after humans)
Night Fragments
Maria Gibson
Dorothy Hindman
Richard Johnson
Water Meditation on Etenraku
Juraj Kojs
The Wetland*
Anna Rubin
The Beekeepers*
Paul Rudy
Degrees of Separation (Grandchild of Tree)
Vastly Shrinking Space*
Salvatore Sciarrino
Ai limiti della notte
Judith Shatin
For the Birds*
Morton Subotnick
David Tcimpidis
Brock Mountain Passage, 1/11/03*
Gail Young
Avalon Shorelines*

*written for Madeleine/The Nature Project
and more to come........

Madeleine Shapiro skiing